January 2, 2022

I'm closing my eyes as the rain pours outside of my window and I don't know why this sound soothes my soul but it does.

Many things are uncertain right now, but the one thing I do know is that I am about to set off on an even grander adventure than last year.

These are my last days in the library I've been living in for the past year and now that my time is coming to a close it's bittersweet.

As I look around my room at all of these books I think about how grand they look, but they no longer feel grand in my spirit.

It's almost like over the course of this year here these books have seeped their way into my being simply by residing in the same space with them.

If there is anything I think you should know at this moment, in this space, in this very moment... it is that you should do nothing but what wraps your soul in peace even if no one else understands it.

It's not for them to understand.

It's for you to live and experience.

Don't waste your time wishing you could do x, y, z and always making excuses - pulling them like the stickiest gum from the depths of others' comfort zones.

Cut that shit.

This year I will make a home in whatever way I desire to.

I will focus solely on myself this year.

This is the gift I will give myself and from this space, I will pour the most divine liquid love into those cups I come across

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