December 10, 2021

Photo by Pavel Untilov

I'm sitting in my golden yellow chair wearing a royal blue piece of silk tied in the front with my hair down and wild and in this very moment I feel utterly feminine. The divine smell of my hair coupled with the way it caresses my skin when I slightly tilt my head indeed makes me fall deeper in love with myself.

As I type this I notice my 'I AM' presence underneath all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and chatter simply observing.

Observing everything around me and wanting to record and share all of the details that are co-creating this current moment.

The insecure thoughts. The spontaneous thoughts. The empowered thoughts. 

The way the house is filled with the smell of garlic.

The way my clothes lie in front of my mirror, discarded from a naked mirror practice I indulged in earlier.

The way I feel like I want to move so fast and do everything at once yet just be, here in the present and do nothing but focus on my inner world.

Have you ever observed that your inner world has a distinct sound? 

I read this in a book and it made me think of the many times I put in earplugs and was instantly soothed by the 'silence' that was never really silence... just the sound of home within my body lulling me into the most blissful sleep.

I haven't drunk enough water today. 

I can tell by the tiny amount of tension building in my temples.

I woke up this morning at 3am craving green juice and after I drank half a glass that I juiced for myself I slept in until 10am and spent until about 2pm mindlessly scrolling to distract myself from how mundane reality feels at this current moment.

Okay. It's not really mundane. It's quite magical.

It's just that I've outgrown it.

Living in a library surrounded by books is a dream of mine I never knew I had and desired to be fulfilled until it came into my reality - but I've lived this dream out.

It feels fully complete.

Once I hit the open road I knew my soul would never be content without travel being a part of my daily existence.

The way life guides you on the road is an inexplicable and intoxicating phenomenon that I can't stop daydreaming about.

Meeting new people. Feeling new places. Getting to know our Mother, Earth on a more intimate level. 

I crave it.

Simplicity. Minimalism. Nature. Adventure. Travel. Exploration. Contemplation.

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