As she lay back in her bed she felt an overwhelming impulse to spread her legs. As she allowed her legs to fall apart, ever so gently she began to brush the inside of her thighs with her fingertips. Up and down. Back and forth. Slowly caressing just to where her bikini line began, driving herself into a teased frenzy.

With her other hand she was exploring the length of her body from her stomach all the way to her nipples – giving her body full attention.

Her pussy was begging to be touched – even just a light touch, to pull her into the swirling intensity she knew awaited her; but she wouldn’t give into temptation just yet.

Determined to make it to the pearly gates of the ultimate orgasm she knew she had to take her time –moving too quickly always resulted in a premature and utterly underwhelming climax.

What she was going to give herself was an earth shattering, dimension splitting orgasm where she slipped from her body and met the creator at the core of consciousness – bursting into a million tiny stars of existence.

As she contemplated this and continued to steadily move into deeper and deeper states of pleasure – all of a sudden, he walked in.

They both froze for a moment until three words were spoken in that low sexy voice that drove her absolutely crazy, “can I watch?”

She sat halfway up, leaning on her left elbow and forearm while beginning to explore the depths of her lips... knowing it was turning him on from the growing bulge in his pants.

In that moment she said uttered the words that were the key to unlocking one of her deepest fantasies, “only if I can too.”

Taken aback, his expression of shock quickly moved into one of excitement.

He stood at the end of the bed, taking in the full scene of his goddess. Legs fully spread. Nipples hard. Lips slightly parted.

Taking all of this in, he was committing every tiny detail to memory so that he could recall this fantastical moment in time on demand.

Finally, he began to unzip his pants and as he shimmied out of pants and boxers his dick came into full view. Hard and ready. What a beautiful sight.

Her pussy instantly became wetter and she couldn’t help but to ease her fingers into her depths wishing it was him that was completely filling her.

That would come later.

As she brought her fingers out she began to lightly pat her clitoris to tease herself even more – all while he began stroking his thickness to the sight of her.

The air became thicker, the room hotter – as they inched closer and closer to their release.

Underneath her moans she uttered, “fuck it” and began to fully massage her clit. Her back began to arch, her hips began to move in a circular motion, her eyes closed, and she could feel all of her built up pleasure ready to burst.

Right when she was about to fully let go he grabbed her hand, pulled her to the end of the bed...

To be continued.


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