33rd Gene Key
The Final Revelation

Siddhi — Revelation
Gift — Mindfulness
Shadow — Forgetting

When reading this segment within the Gene Keys I felt a deep resonance and activation and so while I won't be diving into a full breakdown of the Siddhi of Revelation I would like to share with you the parts that really stood out to me.

When the 33rd Siddhi dawns, all that you were is forgotten and all that you could be is remembered. The fullness of the siddhic state causes time to disintegrate and memory along with it. It is not that you lose your physical memory. Rather your mind can no longer interfere with the purity of consciousness, which flushes the sanskaras [ see definition below ] out of your whole being. With no direct connection to the past or future, there is now only infinite time — a concept that cannot possibly be grasped in words.

The trick is to fall in love with your own story and follow it without holding anything back. Two things are then assured — firstly, you will arrive at the story's end, and secondly, your own story will be utterly unique and unlike anyone else's. This is why it can be so distracting for you to hear someone else's story about how they attained an enlightened state, or what disciplines or teachings they followed in order to reach that state. The truth is that nothing you do or don't do changes when and how you reach the ultimate. You simply have to have faith in your own storyline. This is also why it is so rare for humans to attain these states — there is no one to follow, the path is virgin and wild and when your revelation finally dawns, it does so without your even being there! 

Sankara — In Indian philosophy and Indian religions, samskaras or sanskaras are mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints. In Hindu philosophies, samskaras are a basis for the development of karma theory. In Buddhism the Sanskrit term Samskara is used to describe 'formations'. 

I find that the Gene Keys put such beautiful language to the things that I've felt but haven't quite been able to articulate — this is exactly how I felt when reading this. My hope is post leaves you feeling a little closer to yourself, a little more at home within your being.

Sources: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Wikepedia


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