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Gene Key 1 — Shadow of Entropy

The 1st Gene Key physiologically corresponds to the liver and an amino acid called lysine. This is interesting because the liver's primary function within our bodies is to filter blood before passing it to the rest of the body — transforming chaos into order within the body. Lysine is an amino acid that is imperative for proper growth and its function is to convert fatty acid into energy — again chaos to order. It is amazing how our bodies are so deeply intertwined with every layer of being we possess — emotional, physical, mental, astral. 

Entropy itself can be interpreted as chaos and disorder — the black hole of creation just opposite on the spectrum of the white light of creation. 

A simple definition of entropy is: “A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.

As stated within the Gene Keys, you can think of Entropy in terms of numbness, gloom, the opposite of love  — yet what we fail to realize is that numbness is fertile state of awareness. The numbness gives space for our emotional states to exist, chaos gives space for order to exist, destruction gives space for creation to exist.

Creation and entropy will forever be in movement with one another — to really utilize and practically apply this wisdom to ones life, one must fully accept and embrace their state of entropy just as much as they accept and embrace their state of creativity. For it is when you surrender fully to Entropy that you allow it to move and pass through your body — it is when you resist this feeling within the body that you solidify this state in your system which can in turn translate into depression, anxiety, sadness, numbness etc. for longer periods of time.

Entropy is a natural process — so, when you try to fix it, figure it out or create reason out of why you suddenly feel it  at the core you are essentially resisting the state of Entropy therefore you actually cause it to transform into a lower frequency that resides in your body for longer than you would want it to.

Entropy is like a the entrance to the vaginal canal when a woman first gets pregnant. At first there is the gestational period where it seems as though not much is actually occurring. Yet the process of pregnancy is allowing for something quite magical to occur and to inevitably be birthed. Such is the process of Entropy in parallel with creation.

Sometimes you won't understand what it's all about — the withdrawal, the need for alone time, yet it is all for the seed of your creation to grow roots and begin to sprout within your being. There is nothing wrong with you when you are experiencing the natural lows of life — yet when you give it more mental attention and begin to identify with it on a deep level is where the problem begins to arise.

The Shadow of Entropy has two frequencies that lie within it — a repressive frequency and a reactive frequency.

The repressive frequency is Depression which is exactly what occurs when you do not fully accept Entropy as a natural process running through your system. When you begin to fear being in this state you actually cause it to freeze within your being.

The reactive frequency is Frantic which is what occurs when you try to escape the feeling of Entropy by distracting yourself, avoiding, and increasing your activity in various areas of your life. The wisdom this frequency provides is that you cannot escape or suppress your emotions — they will eventually catch up to you and show up like a whack a mole in various areas of your life and in the meantime cause a lot of harm to your system due to the stored suppression in your body.

The Gift that is hidden at the core of Entropy is Freshness which is the Gift frequency of the 1st Gene Key.

I'd love to invite you into this conversation — I'm curious to know what your thoughts and experiences are as well as what comes up for you personally, so feel free to leave a comment below to open the conversation.

Let me know if you enjoy these in depth breakdowns of the Gene Keys.

Sources: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Mount SinaiWebMD

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