I stopped saying much because I no longer had anything to say.

What is there left to say when you feel like vanishing into the air and becoming invisible?

What is there left to say when all you're consumed with is thinking about how you wish you were more like the air.

Everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Silent and soft yet loud and rough.

Connected to it all.

Free to move.
Free to be still.

It's the unpredictability of the next moment that I feel at home within.

Spontaneous living.

I treat myself better when I'm free.

I have been feeling so fucking trapped.

Living amongst books and the words of thousands of people who have entered and left this world.

How do you not make yourself wrong for wanting to leave the comfort of a stationary home for the open road?

Staying somewhere new every night.

Being labeled 'homeless' even though it'd be your choice and you'd be so fucking happy.

These are the things I haven't been saying.

And I don't really need anyone to understand them but me.

I'm okay with that.

But what's my next step?

Plunge into the unknown and leave everything I've ever known behind or get a job and save for the Van Life I've always dreamed of.

Either way, I know I will be back on the road.

Seeing new things, meeting new people, and feeling at one with myself and the world again.

I just wish it'd hurry up because my heart breaks every day that I go without this.

I become more numb. Depressed. Less present.

So disattached from my reality and I know exactly how to plug myself back in but I feel tugged in a million different directions. 

10:33 pm

I woke up today to my sister FaceTiming me and I realized that I'd slept in.

After I got off of the phone I returned to my slumber because I didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Once I woke up for good I scrolled through TikTok for a while before I got up and started to get ready for my day.

I found this cute little bookstore // coffee shop that had the best vibes, pastries, and coffee to do some work at.

Before I really got into a work flow I started to worry about the lump on the back of my head that I discovered about a week ago when it started to get sore.

As I was sitting there the back of my head grew increasingly sore and I began to develop a headache - so I felt a little panicked.

I decided to go to the emergency room to get checked out because better safe than sorry and all they said was it was a swollen lymph node.

It's still sore and making me wonder if there is a spiritual meaning underneath this physical symptom.

9:18 am

I feel good today. 

Woke up and my hair looks amazing which if you have curly hair you know is a miracle.

As I lay in my bed and allowed my room to heat up before getting out of all of my wonderfully fuzzy blankets I thought to myself...

I've been hiding behind the words of others.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

When it comes to writing I haven't really given myself space to let my voice be heard so whenever I read and/or stumble upon words someone else writes, that gives language to a certain feeling or experience that I've never put into words myself I attach to it - instead of allowing myself the space in the moments when I'm feeling a feeling or having an experience that I've never seen or heard explained to be explained by me.

In my own words.

But I'm giving myself that space now by putting words to this experience and that counts for something.

6:22 pm

I arrived at the performance building that one of my best friend's were doing doing a dance performance at 38 minutes early - yet due to the fact that I'm not by any means a city girl it took me way too long to find parking.

Once I finally did find parking in the right parking deck I felt so accomplished.

I strut my stuff down the street and knew I looked beautiful. I felt it.

I was going to see a Nativity performance and for some reason I didn't quite put two and two together until I was surrounded by church people in a sheer semi-see through black shirt that got me a lot stares to say the least.

My best friend did an amazing job. Seeing her in her element, passion, and fulfilling her purpose was literally an indescribable moment. I felt so proud, so full of love - I thought my heart might burst.

Seeing the performance took me back to another time in my life.

When I was 13 and heavily in church.

On the dance ministry team.

Hearing those beautiful black voices reminded me that my people truly do have a gift for bringing heaven on Earth through sound.

Although it saddens me that we were indoctrinated with white religion and taken away from our cultural roots.

So much power on one stage. 

Through dancing, acting, singing... the arts.

After the performance I was hell bent on going to this Middle Eastern food truck I saw even though I had the hardest time finding my car in the parking garage even though I pinged my car location to myself when I first arrived.

Totally not a city girl.

I finally found it and made my way to the food truck late at night and there were a lot of people out that were really messed up and although this would usually scare a girl alone I felt this bubble of protection surrounding me like fire.

I also had my hand on my pepper spray just in case.

I did get the most beautiful compliment from a man who said I looked like Macy from Charmed.

I met an older gentleman named M***** and he offered to pay for my food because I didn't have cash.

Several drug addicts came up and were yelling and cursing but I just ignored them and ignored the yelling and cursing as if it weren't a part of my reality as I waited on my food.

This story has a good ending: I finally got my food, went home, and smashed.

Smashed the food that is. 

Get your head out of the gutter.

12:14 p.m.

Today I'm feeling really anxious. I woke up from a dream that I'm still trying to decipher the meaning of. Got dressed in an outfit I feel really good in and did my hair in a way that made me feel super embodied in my human form today. 

 This feeling of anxiousness is coming from the underlying feeling that I'm not doing enough. When in reality I've been working a pretty decent amount of time and have been spending full days from sun up to sun down working on projects. To dive in a little deeper I feel like this is tied in with me attaching my worth to my work and productivity. Tied to me thinking that there is something 'wrong' when I'm not 'doing'. 

 Whew. Deep breath. 

 Anchor back into the now moment. 

 I'm here. Typing. Processing how I'm feeling. 

Today is a rather cloudy day and I'm watching the cats curled up on my pillows napping and acting as such. 

Why can't I shake this feeling lodged like a pillar in my throat and heart space? 

I feel panicked. 

Another deep breath.
Another deep breath.
Another deep breath.

I am okay. 

 5:56 pm 

Wow. Was the rest of the day like moving through a wall of smoke. My chest and throat felt tight and it was hard to breathe today. 

I came back to center to get back off-center what felt like a million times today - with thoughts of not being good enough trying to drown me alive and I ran into some beautiful people today who reminded me that I don't see what I look or feel like outside of myself. I'm at home inside of myself and I think I ought to start decorating it in here in a way that makes me feel comforted. 

In a way that makes me feel like the hero of my own story because I am. I desire to look up to myself in the ways that I've looked up to the people I admire most in this life and to stop tying the doing of something outside myself to my inherent worth as a human here on this Earth. 

I listened to a book that I've been re-visiting since 2012, called Empty Roads and Broken Bottles in Search of the Great Perhaps by Charlotte Erikkson and the things I desired in 2012 are still the things that I desire today and I've just started to give them to myself. 

For that I am proud. 

I am going to make my home on the road. 

Moving. Arriving. Leaving. Seeing. Being. 

I am meant to live a life different from everyone around me and the more I try to fit myself into a box the more apparent it is. I've spent years trying to convince myself and being convinced by others that there is something wrong with me but the divine Goddess, my Soul Sisters, and my Higher Self have been the gems of truth that shone through that lie. 

I was driving in an apartment complex today and there was one apartment that was burnt to a crisp and exposed. It was surrounded by perfectly new apartments that looked crisp and you'd never think a fire happened near them if the burnt apartment right beside them didn't exist. 

This felt like a metaphor for my life right now. 

I feel like the burnt-down apartment. 

Beautiful and glorious in all of its destruction. 

Although it was exposed and needed some repairs it was the story that lured me in to take a picture and remind myself that from the ashes fertile ground is created. 

 6:15 pm 

Nearing the end of my day I feel like I've reconciled all of the disconnected pieces within my being that arose today. 

I feel the discomfort yet know that it's just growth and that this will be a constant in my life for the duration of it. I should be comfortable with the discomfort by now. 

As I take some more deep breaths I send the thought through my being that I am safe and I am here and that is all that matters. 

I get to create whatever I choose to create and so out of all of the things I moved through today I choose to create a cavern with golden light inside. I choose to step inside of this cavern and be held, loved, and relieved of all negatively charged energy. I close my eyes inside of this cavern and feel the connection to the endless moment of now and everything that exists. I visualize within this cavern a transformation occurring. All of my cells being upgraded. There is immense power seeded within the confines of my mind and I set the intention of learning how to better work with this ability. 

Within the energy of love, for the highest good of all, in no harm to none as a beautiful sister of mine says.

Photo by Pavel Untilov

I'm sitting in my golden yellow chair wearing a royal blue piece of silk tied in the front with my hair down and wild and in this very moment I feel utterly feminine. The divine smell of my hair coupled with the way it caresses my skin when I slightly tilt my head indeed makes me fall deeper in love with myself.

As I type this I notice my 'I AM' presence underneath all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and chatter simply observing.

Observing everything around me and wanting to record and share all of the details that are co-creating this current moment.

The insecure thoughts. The spontaneous thoughts. The empowered thoughts. 

The way the house is filled with the smell of garlic.

The way my clothes lie in front of my mirror, discarded from a naked mirror practice I indulged in earlier.

The way I feel like I want to move so fast and do everything at once yet just be, here in the present and do nothing but focus on my inner world.

Have you ever observed that your inner world has a distinct sound? 

I read this in a book and it made me think of the many times I put in earplugs and was instantly soothed by the 'silence' that was never really silence... just the sound of home within my body lulling me into the most blissful sleep.

I haven't drunk enough water today. 

I can tell by the tiny amount of tension building in my temples.

I woke up this morning at 3am craving green juice and after I drank half a glass that I juiced for myself I slept in until 10am and spent until about 2pm mindlessly scrolling to distract myself from how mundane reality feels at this current moment.

Okay. It's not really mundane. It's quite magical.

It's just that I've outgrown it.

Living in a library surrounded by books is a dream of mine I never knew I had and desired to be fulfilled until it came into my reality - but I've lived this dream out.

It feels fully complete.

Once I hit the open road I knew my soul would never be content without travel being a part of my daily existence.

The way life guides you on the road is an inexplicable and intoxicating phenomenon that I can't stop daydreaming about.

Meeting new people. Feeling new places. Getting to know our Mother, Earth on a more intimate level. 

I crave it.

Simplicity. Minimalism. Nature. Adventure. Travel. Exploration. Contemplation.

As she lay back in her bed she felt an overwhelming impulse to spread her legs. As she allowed her legs to fall apart, ever so gently she began to brush the inside of her thighs with her fingertips. Up and down. Back and forth. Slowly caressing just to where her bikini line began, driving herself into a teased frenzy.

With her other hand she was exploring the length of her body from her stomach all the way to her nipples – giving her body full attention.

Her pussy was begging to be touched – even just a light touch, to pull her into the swirling intensity she knew awaited her; but she wouldn’t give into temptation just yet.

Determined to make it to the pearly gates of the ultimate orgasm she knew she had to take her time –moving too quickly always resulted in a premature and utterly underwhelming climax.

What she was going to give herself was an earth shattering, dimension splitting orgasm where she slipped from her body and met the creator at the core of consciousness – bursting into a million tiny stars of existence.

As she contemplated this and continued to steadily move into deeper and deeper states of pleasure – all of a sudden, he walked in.

They both froze for a moment until three words were spoken in that low sexy voice that drove her absolutely crazy, “can I watch?”

She sat halfway up, leaning on her left elbow and forearm while beginning to explore the depths of her lips... knowing it was turning him on from the growing bulge in his pants.

In that moment she said uttered the words that were the key to unlocking one of her deepest fantasies, “only if I can too.”

Taken aback, his expression of shock quickly moved into one of excitement.

He stood at the end of the bed, taking in the full scene of his goddess. Legs fully spread. Nipples hard. Lips slightly parted.

Taking all of this in, he was committing every tiny detail to memory so that he could recall this fantastical moment in time on demand.

Finally, he began to unzip his pants and as he shimmied out of pants and boxers his dick came into full view. Hard and ready. What a beautiful sight.

Her pussy instantly became wetter and she couldn’t help but to ease her fingers into her depths wishing it was him that was completely filling her.

That would come later.

As she brought her fingers out she began to lightly pat her clitoris to tease herself even more – all while he began stroking his thickness to the sight of her.

The air became thicker, the room hotter – as they inched closer and closer to their release.

Underneath her moans she uttered, “fuck it” and began to fully massage her clit. Her back began to arch, her hips began to move in a circular motion, her eyes closed, and she could feel all of her built up pleasure ready to burst.

Right when she was about to fully let go he grabbed her hand, pulled her to the end of the bed...

To be continued.

Car camping makes it hard to get up in the morning. Especially when it's freezing cold outside and you're bundled up in the most perfect and warm cocoon - 4:30 a.m. hit and I was fully awake. 

I had taken some melatonin the night before so at 9:00 I was literally knocked out.

Another day on the road.

Another city. New places. New people. New sights. New experiences.

I've come to realize that I don't necessarily prefer city settings - although they're beautiful, there are so many people around. Feeling such an increase in energy around while being from a small town has been a little overwhelming and draining to be honest.

I live for the secluded areas. The back roads. The outskirts.

Hidden gems just waiting to be found and appreciated.

As we got on the road this morning traffic was terrible here in Seattle. I mixed up my days thinking that today was Wednesday when it's actually Thursday. I realized this just as a meeting with a client of mine popped up as beginning on my phone. Shit.

This is what happens when you begin to create a life you don't need a vacation from - the minutes, hours, and days start to become a continuous stream of consciousness and you - just present with it all.

Needless to say I'll be utilizing the reminder app in my phone a little more for this very reason.

Meeting rescheduled. Crisis averted.

I'm learning a lot about myself on the road.

Becoming more resourceful, aware, at peace.

Fully in surrender to life.

As I sit here at this Starbucks here on this gloomy little rainy day here in Seattle I feel at home in my skin.

I feel at home in this little space I'm occupying here on Earth. 

Just as was typing the preview sentence the train passed by the window with the last numbers on the back being 222 and it's in moments like these that I'm reassured because life is forever communicating that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian

As I was laying in bed with Covid a month ago I got a call from a job I had applied to almost 3 years ago. I had forgotten I even applied or that this position, hell, that the company, even existed. The position was for Merchandising new Walmart locations and I had the choice between five states. Immediately I felt a swell of excitement rise in my body and I knew in that moment I was going to take the position.

I've worked for myself for the past year so the thought of working for someone else, having a rigid structure, and less time for myself didn't sound the most appealing - but since the job was short term only spanning out for two months with really great pay I decided to take it.

For a while now, while I love the life of time freedom I've created for myself it's certainly been lacking in structure and I saw this as a chance to create some new habits, travel, and place myself in a better situation financially.

When I got on the road I was literally running on excitement and a shit ton of water which resulted in stopping every hour to pee. It felt so liberating to be out on the open road. No where else to be. Just me and the world to explore. I car camped across the country so the first two nights I realized how uncomfortable it was to sleep in your car with no window covers. 

I finally got some good rest when I realized that the place I felt the safest at were 24 hour travel stops parked near the door. What an experience. Not long after I had been on the road I decided to DIY some window covers and with some command strips, gorilla glue, and car window shades I made it happen.

I started in Concord, NC and the first state I traveled through was Tennessee which is absolutely breathtaking. I've visited TN many times but it never ceases to amaze me at how breathtaking this state is. 

Next I went through Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.

Kentucky had this beautiful rest stop that looked like a literal AirBnb with so much greenery, flowers, and plants.

I don't remember anything really standing out driving through Missouri, but Kansas made up for that.

Although I've heard that there isn't much to do in Kansas I loved ever minute driving through this state. It felt like a shot right out of the Lion King. Most of the landscape compares in aesthetic to that of the Pride Lands. No joke. It looked like lions should be roaming around freely.

The area in Colorado that I drove through (Denver) I didn't really care for - it was very overpopulated and had very little nature. My body honestly felt quite panicked driving through this state.

Then I hit Wyoming and there was nothing but rocks for hours upon hours and at some point I began to feel anxious, like I was losing my breath, hot in the face, I began coughing, and had bad abdominal pain.

So, as I lost my breath and was having what I now know in hindsight was a full blown panic attack I raced at 120 mph to the closest gas station because I thought I was dying. Thankfully I pulled up to a gas pump next to a registered nurse and literally word vomited everything I was experiencing out to this man.

He assured me that it was probably anxiety from being so far from home as to why I was feeling shortness of breath - but just to be on the safe side he recommended I go to the emergency room to get checked out, so I did.

People in Wyoming are special. They are so kind, loving, and their auras radiate a feeling of home. Home in the sense of how Grandmothers make you feel. I felt so supported and taken care of. It turns out that I had shortness of breath because of the change in altitude, but my oxygen levels were excellent. I was coughing because there had been some fires out in WY and there was smoke in the air. To top it all off with the most embarrassing part it turns out the abdominal pain was due to me being constipated. Yep. Just full of shit, that's all.

So, at a rest area in Utah I stopped and flushed my system with this nasty ass drink they gave me called the bomb and well let's just say it did the trick.

Waking up in Utah was so beautiful. The mountains in the distance, the crisp cool air, and another day ahead of me to see some new places. 

When I made it to Idaho I had pretty much decided I wanted to drive straight through to Oregon so I did.

The first town that I had the pleasure of experiencing in Oregon was Ontario, such a charming little town.

There was so much happiness, joy, pride, and excitement that I had finally made it to the other side of the country. All by myself.

I wish I would have gotten to drive through the mountains of Oregon and the forest during the day but I didn't. 

When I finally got to my destination I had fully planned to car camp to save money and just go hard core for the next two months but as it turns out I called a Hostel here and inquired about a place to stay because my family were worried something would happen to me.

On their website I saw that they offered work trade and asked if there were anymore openings and the owner invited me to come on a tour to see what I thought of the place.

Day 3 in Oregon and I had 2 jobs and a free place to stay.

When I tell you God's universal force works in ways we'll never be able to fully understand I mean it.

The syncronicities - down to the owner of the hostel's dog being named Oso and my neighbor's dog having the same name - that Oso means bear and my friends have often referred to me as having bear energy which I told the owner to which he revealed the meaning of the name Oso to me for the first time. This experience has literally been mind blowing.

I'm not quite sure exactly why I'm meant to be here on a spiritual level but I do know that I'm right where I'm meant to be.

On this porch hearing my co-worker speak to someone on the phone in her mother language, Russian - hearing the train pass by while my fingers ravish this keyboard.

While I'm here I'll be working 60 hour weeks but still plan on making some time during this work project to explore and see all of the beautiful sights Oregon has to offer. I hope to also visit Seattle, Washington before I go. 

On the way back I'll be following some work friends and we'll be traveling back through California as well as the southern states which I'm really looking forward to.

I've been wanting to show up and fill everyone in but with all of these changes I've needed to honor myself and just be. 

Can't wait to share more adventures with you soon.

33rd Gene Key
The Final Revelation

Siddhi — Revelation
Gift — Mindfulness
Shadow — Forgetting

When reading this segment within the Gene Keys I felt a deep resonance and activation and so while I won't be diving into a full breakdown of the Siddhi of Revelation I would like to share with you the parts that really stood out to me.

When the 33rd Siddhi dawns, all that you were is forgotten and all that you could be is remembered. The fullness of the siddhic state causes time to disintegrate and memory along with it. It is not that you lose your physical memory. Rather your mind can no longer interfere with the purity of consciousness, which flushes the sanskaras [ see definition below ] out of your whole being. With no direct connection to the past or future, there is now only infinite time — a concept that cannot possibly be grasped in words.

The trick is to fall in love with your own story and follow it without holding anything back. Two things are then assured — firstly, you will arrive at the story's end, and secondly, your own story will be utterly unique and unlike anyone else's. This is why it can be so distracting for you to hear someone else's story about how they attained an enlightened state, or what disciplines or teachings they followed in order to reach that state. The truth is that nothing you do or don't do changes when and how you reach the ultimate. You simply have to have faith in your own storyline. This is also why it is so rare for humans to attain these states — there is no one to follow, the path is virgin and wild and when your revelation finally dawns, it does so without your even being there! 

Sankara — In Indian philosophy and Indian religions, samskaras or sanskaras are mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints. In Hindu philosophies, samskaras are a basis for the development of karma theory. In Buddhism the Sanskrit term Samskara is used to describe 'formations'. 

I find that the Gene Keys put such beautiful language to the things that I've felt but haven't quite been able to articulate — this is exactly how I felt when reading this. My hope is post leaves you feeling a little closer to yourself, a little more at home within your being.

Sources: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Wikepedia

The 1st Gene Key physiologically corresponds to the liver and an amino acid called lysine. This is interesting because the liver's primary function within our bodies is to filter blood before passing it to the rest of the body — transforming chaos into order within the body. Lysine is an amino acid that is imperative for proper growth and its function is to convert fatty acid into energy — again chaos to order. It is amazing how our bodies are so deeply intertwined with every layer of being we possess — emotional, physical, mental, astral. 

Entropy itself can be interpreted as chaos and disorder — the black hole of creation just opposite on the spectrum of the white light of creation. 

A simple definition of entropy is: “A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.

As stated within the Gene Keys, you can think of Entropy in terms of numbness, gloom, the opposite of love  — yet what we fail to realize is that numbness is fertile state of awareness. The numbness gives space for our emotional states to exist, chaos gives space for order to exist, destruction gives space for creation to exist.

Creation and entropy will forever be in movement with one another — to really utilize and practically apply this wisdom to ones life, one must fully accept and embrace their state of entropy just as much as they accept and embrace their state of creativity. For it is when you surrender fully to Entropy that you allow it to move and pass through your body — it is when you resist this feeling within the body that you solidify this state in your system which can in turn translate into depression, anxiety, sadness, numbness etc. for longer periods of time.

Entropy is a natural process — so, when you try to fix it, figure it out or create reason out of why you suddenly feel it  at the core you are essentially resisting the state of Entropy therefore you actually cause it to transform into a lower frequency that resides in your body for longer than you would want it to.

Entropy is like a the entrance to the vaginal canal when a woman first gets pregnant. At first there is the gestational period where it seems as though not much is actually occurring. Yet the process of pregnancy is allowing for something quite magical to occur and to inevitably be birthed. Such is the process of Entropy in parallel with creation.

Sometimes you won't understand what it's all about — the withdrawal, the need for alone time, yet it is all for the seed of your creation to grow roots and begin to sprout within your being. There is nothing wrong with you when you are experiencing the natural lows of life — yet when you give it more mental attention and begin to identify with it on a deep level is where the problem begins to arise.

The Shadow of Entropy has two frequencies that lie within it — a repressive frequency and a reactive frequency.

The repressive frequency is Depression which is exactly what occurs when you do not fully accept Entropy as a natural process running through your system. When you begin to fear being in this state you actually cause it to freeze within your being.

The reactive frequency is Frantic which is what occurs when you try to escape the feeling of Entropy by distracting yourself, avoiding, and increasing your activity in various areas of your life. The wisdom this frequency provides is that you cannot escape or suppress your emotions — they will eventually catch up to you and show up like a whack a mole in various areas of your life and in the meantime cause a lot of harm to your system due to the stored suppression in your body.

The Gift that is hidden at the core of Entropy is Freshness which is the Gift frequency of the 1st Gene Key.

I'd love to invite you into this conversation — I'm curious to know what your thoughts and experiences are as well as what comes up for you personally, so feel free to leave a comment below to open the conversation.

Let me know if you enjoy these in depth breakdowns of the Gene Keys.

Sources: The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, Mount SinaiWebMD


Title: The Celestine Prophecy
Author: James Redfield
Published by Warner Brothers
Date Published: 1993
Pages: 247
Purchase Book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Are three decades of interest in modern physics, ecology, mystical religion and interpersonal psychology finally synthesizing into a new spiritual "common sense"? Are we now beginning to live this new common sense? Can it become the dominant paradigm of the next century?

When James Redfield first published this extraordinary book -- an adventure in pursuit of a spiritual mystery -- people picked it up, read it, and were stunned by its contents. They told their friends about it, and friends in turn told their friends. By word of mouth alone, news of this magical, moving work spread throughout the country, until -- within months of its first printing -- over hundred thousand readers had become excited by its predictions and touched by the way it made sense of what was happening in their lives.

Now you can discover for yourself the insights, the vision, and the uncanny accuracy of "The Celestine Prophecy". A parable filled with vital truth that reads like a gripping adventure-tale, it begins with the disappearance of an ancient Peruvian manuscript. Although few Westerners know of its existence and a government wants to suppress it, this precious document contains an important secret: the 9 insights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness.

To find the manuscript -- and its hidden treasures -- you will join one person's search. It is a quest that will carry you high into the Andes mountains, to ancient ruins deep in old-growth forest, and to a startling discovery. You will quickly recognize the truth of the First Insight: in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences -- sudden, synchronistic events that, once interpreted, lead us into our true destiny.

When you find and understand all 9 of the insights, you will have an exciting new image of human life, and a positive vision of how we will save this planet, its creatures, and its beauty. "The Celestine Prophecy" will give you hope…and chills…as you begin to perceive its predictions unfolding all around you in intimate relationships and international affairs. And you will suddenly recognize the quantum leap forward humankind is preparing to make as we approach the new millennium. Important works such as Carlos Castaneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan" and the prophecies of Nostradamus have helped prepare the way for the revelations you will find in James Redfield's life-changing words. The time is right to hear them, and to discover the personal journey that is opening in your life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Listening to this book on audio was amazing. An adventurous tale filled with twists, turns, synchronicities, wisdoms, and insights — The Celestine Prophecy is definitely worth a read.

So not to spoil the magic that fills these pages, or in my case audio
 I will leave you with the 9 insights gradually uncovered in this book for you to ponder. 

Noticing Synchronicity

SYNCHRONICITY is the entry point, the measure of whether we’re connected spiritually. These “meaningful coincidences” are tiny miracles steering us toward the good life. They are always seeking first, to awaken us, and then to allow us to be guided by a spiritual connection to the unfolding of our intended destiny.  Staying in a state of alert expectation concerning the major questions of our lives, or the help we need, increases the frequency of Synchronistic answers. The secret is remembering, first thing in the morning, to watch for these magical Synchronistic moments.

The World has a “Spiritual Design”

This step in consciousness happens when we look back on the spiritual journey of humanity throughout history. We see that we are in a new phase of human progress. Humanity is now awakening from a materialistic worldview and moving into a new outlook that recognizes “spiritual design.” This design rewards an attitude of “helping others” and “making the world better.” When we adopt this new world perspective, our soul’s dream, of our mission, comes to us, and we move toward this destiny by a near miraculous “Intuition and Synchronistic Flow.” Thus, we are learning to make our way in the world by finding a spiritual connection and allowing ourselves to be guided. In this way, we’re discovering a more detailed understanding of how the world genuinely works. Together, with this insight, we can shape another historical era of inspirational life for generations to come.

“Giving” The Karmic Design

We integrate the THIRD INSIGHT when we realize the Universe is not a dead, uncaring place. It is an energetically connected environment that is spiritually constructed to bring our greatest dreams into fruition. All we have to do is align our lives with the Universe’s ruling principle: GIVING.

To create this new “world view,” we must understand and live in alignment with the Universe’s Karmic Design. We begin to fulfill the latest discoveries of Quantum Physics. As we open up to Synchronicity and Intuitive guidance, we realize that we, in fact, we share minds with one another and the Divine. The path to this majestic life -lies NOT in ruling others or taking what we want. It lies in always looking out for the “best interests” of others, and at the same time, striving to perceive something they need in order to manifest their dreams. If we give them this information, it feels Synchronistic to them and elevates their lives.

What’s more, when we practice improving in this way, it creates an immediate karmic effect in our lives. When we help others, we karmically begin to attract people into our lives who act the same way; they in turn, help us. These helpers are also being given intuitive suggestions of how they can help us. We experience their aid as exactly what we need at that very moment to extend our destined flow in life.

When we adopt this outlook, and ask ourselves how we can be of service to another, our minds connect more deeply with the Divine mind and our intuitive capacity thus opens up. As this happens, we receive an intuition suggesting a specific way this person needs information or direct aid. The key is always to seek to be a Synchronicity for others, by giving them just the right information and help they call for at the time of our encounter with them.

In this way, we begin to experience the transforming reality of becoming an “agent of the Divine.” (Think, “what would God do to help, if he couldn’t come and instead sent me”). The wish to help others opens up our Divine connection and strengthens our union with higher intelligence.

We also can prove this reality to ourselves by noticing what happens if we decide to pursue the opposite course in life, and become not a giver but a taker. The same karmic principle is in effect. If you take, you’ll draw people who take from you. If we manipulate others or steal energy for our personal gain, we find that we are being treated the same way ourselves. This is not for punishment; it is to allow us to feel what we are doing to others, and come back into alignment with the way the world is designed to work.

By getting into alignment with Karmic design and helping, we attract more desirable, life enhancing connections with others, thereby injecting Synchronicity into our lives. Thus, GIVING to others brings forth the exact Divine coincidences needed for our dreams to come true.  All we have to do is participate.

Human Control Dramas

When we seek the ethic of giving and not taking from, or manipulating others, we step into consciousness. We begin to detect our ego’s past manipulation devices,–Control Dramas– we have used to build ourselves up at another’s expense. If we are mindful and catch ourselves every time we begin our “Control Drama,” eventually, our “Control Drama” falls away completely. The dramatics begin to fall away until we can stop ourselves before we ever lapse into such a trap. Now, through giving, we can move forward Synchronistically in freedom — ready to experience, even more, extraordinary moments of God’s connection.

 The Spiritual Connection

We breakthrough, at least momentarily, to experience a moment that seems to move us past our normal level of consciousness and we sense an ultimate connection. Sometimes, this event comes through a “spiritual practice” we’ve found that brings us to this moment. It could be a peak experience at a house of worship, or through prayer, meditation, music, communing with nature or a host of other points of entry.

Instantly, we receive a “fast forward” boost in our sense of well-being, peace, and even blissfulness. An experience described by prophets and saints as a greater sense of knowing and wisdom, and the deep emotion of love. Convincing us even more by “foretelling” that spiritual consciousness is real and provides a look ahead to the levels of awareness -the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution.

Sensing A Life Mission 

Experiencing moments of  profound spiritual Connection opens us to the 6th Insight. We begin to receive a sense of clarity for where Synchronicity is taking us; what our “Life Direction” might be. This consciousness brings the strong Intuitions and guides us to our mission in this life. This could fall within any area of human endeavor or in the areas of life from relationships to finding passion in a career (education, business, medicine, or government services.)  It is usually a vague glimpse of our future destiny, one that invokes in us a heightened sense of inspiration and fulfillment. Though somewhat undetermined, our Intuitions can stand as a general goal that will help us understand, and follow, our Synchronistic path and help us move forward.

Following Your Intuition

With our mission in mind, and as our lives move forward, we begin to notice Synchronicities aimed at our ultimate calling. In this buildup of consciousness, we become aware of our Intuitive Guidance at a higher level. Through practicing MINDFULNESS, we can distinguish our thoughts that are Intuitions from mere calculative thoughts. Calculative thoughts are words that run through our minds as we make decisions, as though we are talking to ourselves. Intuitions, however, are not part of our deliberation over a problem or goal.

Intuitions come from a superior part of our intelligence. They naturally appear in the back of our minds as clarifying ideas on how to proceed. In short, they are ideas that sometimes seem too random, spontaneous, and not logical, but upon greater interpretation they can be observed to apply perfectly to the situation at hand.

Once we begin to identify guiding intuitions in this way, we realize how we have been missing them in the past. One way to clarify the different types of thought, is to ask yourself, “Why did I think of this now?”

Once we learn to identify intuitions, we realize how they bring forth Synchronicity (another elevation of awareness occurring). First, we receive an Intuitive picture (an urge) to end or begin something, to solve a problem, or to pursue some line of interest. Then, if we follow the guidance diligently with MINDFULNESS, an important Synchronistic breakthrough will take place — thus leading our lives forward to our greater calling. In this way, following our Intuitions is the key to increasing our Synchronistic Flow and maintaining our flow of destiny.

Giving Energy Increases Our Synchronistic Experiences

Once we clearly see the process of Synchronicity, what we observe most often is that PEOPLE provide many of our Synchronistic experiences; yet, sometimes others do not feel comfortable talking to us. (Related to the commonly used, “first-impression theory.”)

As a result, we end up leaving that encounter feeling as though we missed out on something they were supposed to tell us.

We find another step-up in consciousness when we grasp the solution to this problem. We must adopt an additional ethic toward others, one which enhances our attitude of giving as we communicate with them. We must actively “uplift” others by visualizing an expression of a higher connected consciousness in their eyes and on their face…Continue to visualize them moving above their ego into an authentic, united state. As a result of this, not only is the person lifted into a greater level of experience, they are more likely to intuit some message they have for us.

Fulfilling Human Destiny

We can now see how if everyone were practicing this virtue of “uplifting others” we would quickly accelerate the spiritual transformation of the world. It works this way: when someone uplifts us we feel it as increased energy because we receive a greater experience with the Divine Mind. When we return this energy, it moves our heightened energy back into them. Both people doing this creates a hot-house effect back and forth, where both people feel their Divine Connection getting stronger and stronger. Think of the “where two gather” phenomenon. When this goes viral, then everyone can quickly identify their life missions and can Synchronistically move to the right place of service.

As we embrace a continuous experience of Synchronicity, millions of individuals will be unleashed to follow their destinies — and we will all find a place in the working world, which is in need of freedom from corruption. In this way, all the institutions of life are moved toward a perfect level of functioning. Capitalism itself, business at every level, food production, the problems of poverty, chemical pollution, and Government regulation will all become enlightened.

This enlightened Conscious evolution works because it happens through an effort all at once, replacing the top down efforts by corrupt governments. The result is an economic development that frees up more and more time for individuals to pursue higher energy states directly with others. Eventually, the basic needs of humanity can then all be automated and provided, as we focus on Synchronicities that will carry us to ever greater spiritual consciousness. Over time, such growth will transform us into a spiritual form and unite our current dimension with the after-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death. Humanity’s destiny is, gradually, to bring the intelligence that inspires the Heavenly realms into the Earthly Domain.

Source: Celestine Vision

As I drove today I was hit by a wave of creativity and inspiration — so much so that I stopped driving and ended up in a book store. 

As I stood in the middle of all of those books I couldn't help but think about the thousands of authors, millions of sentences, and billions of words that were all weaved together in one space in time. 

As I write this my heart beats with the built up energy of years spent forgetting just how special — reading and writing are to me.

In this moment I wish I could pour my entire being into one word that could make you instantaneously feel exactly how my entire being is swelling with emotion. Waves and of joy, relief, sadness, and grieving all wrapped up in one bundle of feeling.

I had been chasing everything outside of me for so long that I forgot how it feels to have a surge of creative writing energy swell up in my body  frantically trying to release itself into the world through means of committing to memory the smallest details in my experience.

How my hands looked on the steering wheel today — tan, nails unpainted, with a little bit of grit and age.

What sensations I felt in my body — throat and heart pulsing, stomach unsettled, pain from sunburnt lips, and a surging energy that wouldn't allow me to concentrate.

How the sky looked — pearly white and fluffy clouds in a sea of endless shades of blue.

Experiencing the full sensuality of being.

And I thought to myself — no one likes to have sex the same way every single time. It becomes boring. Mundane. A chore.

Yet I've been treating my creative energy in this way and today it clicked. 

It's about fucking time that I switch the position in my creative intercourse and allow myself to experience making sweet creative love like it's the first time.

The first time I've ever felt my fingers dance across a keyboard in my whole life.
The first time I've ever looked at the world through these eyes.
The first time I've felt these feelings or thought these thoughts.
The first time I've felt pure bliss mixed with gratitude for this miracle of being.

Creative juices flowing out of me in a way that would equate to a soaking wet bed if this were sex.


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