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Originally founded in 2007 as a book blog called Bengal Reads, this digital space has evolved through time. What started as an outlet for reading and writing, 14 years later has circled around to be the same at the root yet bear new fruits.

Kayla's Story

Hi! I'm Kayla. 27 and located in Concord, NC.

Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, Aries Rising, and Venus in Scorpio just in case you were curious — I'm a fiery 5'0 human bean.

Born in Wilkesboro, NC. I am a mountain girl at heart. Turn on some Luke Combs and you've got a happy camper. I grew up spending my summers in West Jefferson, NC. North Carolina has always been home to me, there is a magic about it that just cannot be found elsewhere.

After moving to a small town near Asheville, NC to attend college I soon found that pursuing a degree in English Education didn't really hold its appeal so I decided to attend Cosmetology School and became licensed in 2015.

At that point in my life I began to realize that the traditional way of doing things was never going to work for me.

At the core of everything — no matter how unrelated it all may seem, is the unifying cord of creation which is the force that drives all that I do.

Balancing the many roles I have, no matter how free life may appear is not always easy. That said choosing to trade in the 9-5 lifestyle to create my own way of living and operating will always be worth it.

My favorite part of what I do is witnessing amazing heart-led women give birth to their projects, ideas, creations, and businesses. My hope is that you leave here feeling mentally stimulated and inspired to create.

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While you're hear be sure to take a thorough look around — this space truly is a house in which each room is filled with different pieces of me.

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